Makes Me Want To Sing Lion King

Some of you avid Nie readers know that last week Steph prepared a special Back-to-School dinner for her girls. The family rolled out a new family theme "Be Prepared."

Steph wasn't kidding.

Little did Steph know that weeks before the crash she was sub-consciously preparing her family for this situation. Lucy and I walk around the house noticing the subtle choices Steph made in her home organization to her completely stocking the fridge with fruit and vegetables.

Every time Steph and I talked on the phone our conversation would drip down to blogging. We would often express our desires to quit because we were progressively spending more and more time and the computer. But blogging was also a complete source of joy, a fantastic online community and we were always drawn back to the "NEW POST" tab.

Though she didn't know it, and though she was often criticized for it, Steph was introducing the world to her children through blogging. She kept us posted on her four little characters who wore crowns and made crafts. She highlighted the beauty of life, romanticized the mundane and took pictures of her blueberry muffins. She was willing to share with us so that one day--when it counted the most--we would share back.

That day has arrived.

Steph is by no-means out of the dark on this one. Though her beloved Mr. Nielson grows better day-by-day (today he even opened his eyes!) our darling Nie is still in need of our prayers. Her burns are deep. We will have good news one day, discouraging the next. We know this is the pattern of healing. We pray for patience, for Steph's fighting body. And we know, that you are doing the same.

If you have a moment, we would love to hear about your favorite Nie Nie posts via the comment section. Like the Yoga or the Merry Christmas from the Mantis Family.

And then, in Steph's wisdom, we'll be prepared to cry.

Steph is amazing.

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