It Just Takes Some Time, Little Girl

Brother Andrew and Me, at the hospital, spreading no germs

Lucy and I are sitting on Steph's retro-ly awesome re-covered chairs each with a lap top on our (ahem) laps writing away. I love being in my sister's home, she left it spotless as though she knew she'd have visitors this week.

Speaking of visitors, this morning started out with a surprise visit from our brother Andrew. He was able to spend some time at the hospital where he played a little Jimmy Eat World for our favorite burn patients. After all, in the words of Jimmy himself,

"It just takes some time, little girl
you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine,
everything will be alright."

Thanks to Steph and Christian's Godparents, our kitchen is outfitted with Trader Joe's specialties--yes that means Joe Joe's--a long with one of the best brought-in Relief Society dinners I've ever had. Not to make anyone feel bad, but stuffed our zucchini, trays of fruit and homemade rolls probably beat out the dinner you had tonight. We're so spoiled.

We spent the day playing with the children. They love to be by Lucy who happens to be an exact replica of Steph. Even I have had moments where I could've sworn it was Steph in the kitchen making quesadillas. We count this as a blessing. As for me, I still look like I could be Steph's mother . . . apparently.

(Not over it.)

Christian and Steph had a busy day too. As you can imagine our patients are pretty much mummified from head to toe. Today their wraps were re-dressed and Christian has been out fitted with some fine new pig skin! He won't eat animal, but he'll wear it when needed. He looks so strong. I swear his arm muscles get bigger every time I see him. He'd like to have me post that. Muscles are his forte.

Steph looked so much better than yesterday. I tried to get her in-room cd player to work, but it wouldn't and we were stuck with a random Easy Listening station which I knew she'd hate. Mindy Gledhill was kind enough to outfit me with her albums which are beloved by my sister. We'll have to get a new player in both rooms. Music for the mummies!

Also new to their rooms, cards and pictures, an anklet made for each of Steph's ankles as well as a toe ring both made by the industrious Claire and Jane. Toe ring? Yes, every man with muscles needs one.

I hope if you are visiting this website that you'll find it a happy spot despite the circumstances. This is c jane enjoy it, you know. I don't intend to blog about the details--especially medical details--that we are seeing day-to-day. (Though it is important to say that doctors are focused on their burns right now, and they are still in critical condition. All other fractures and internal organs checked out to be fine. The burns are severe and will need surgeries, grafts and most of all, loads and loads of time. It is still very touch-and-go as it pertains to their survival and recovery . . . Steph being more critical than Christian.) Rather, I'd just like those who love my sister and her husband to have a place to check and see how their prayers are functioning. So far, good. But it doesn't hurt to pray harder. And be nice to your neighbor, or mailman.

(Did I ever tell you how much Steph loved her mailman? So much that he showed up with his wife to the prayer service last night. It was quite touching, I have to say.)

Am I rambling? I can't tell.

The Chief is blissfully sleeping--sometimes snoring--next to me. Time to join him in that state of rest. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

More Ways To Help Update:

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Balloons of Hope

For the Mesa Peeps from Camilla Wright:
e are going to plan on meeting up around 4:45 this Saturday afternoon at the temple grounds to let all our balloons fly and to show our love and support for their sweet family. We hope all can make it, it will be short and sweet. Bring your own red balloons to let go with all the well wishes they could ever hope for!

Thanks for your donations and contributions so far. You all amaze me.

More to come . . .

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