Doug Kinneard

I am the sister in-law of Doug Kinneard who was the third person on the
flight with your sister. If it's OK I would like to share a little about
Doug and the wonderful family he left behind. Doug grew up in Canada and
loved camping, fishing, hiking, running, diving and anything to do with
the outdoors. He loved to talk, he could talk to anyone about anything. He
lived life enthusiastically! But most of all he LOVED his family. His wife
Roslyn is amazing, she has made us all feel at peace because of her sweet
example. They have 4 children from the ages of 25 to 13. The children are
doing well. In Doug's last few hours in the hospital the family gathered
around his bed and sang "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" many tears
were shed and much love was felt. We believe in a loving Heavenly Father
that has a beautiful plan for families to be together forever. Our family
takes comfort in the knowledge that this life isn't the end and that we
will see Doug again and what a wonderful day that will be.
Kim Beazer

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