Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

From time-to-time I get asked "What is it like being in your family?" I equate that sort of question with "What is it like being a human being?" because how do I know anything different?

But as far as attempts are concerned, I will show you what it is like being in my family during the Fourth of July. Then you can decided for yourself what it is like to be in my family.

First, you get to go to Topher and Lisa's Freedom Gala. There is a five course dinner a la Lisa and entertainment from Topher. This year we had live jazz:
You could sit and lounge:

Or dance (with Vance) :
You'd also be required to take the token "Gala Sisters Photo" where you hear your father from across the lawn remark "Made out of the same mold, those gals!" And through your locked-in smile you'd respond (just like last year) "You say that every year Dad."

And speaking of your father, he shares the nation's birthday. A real Yankee Doodle Dandy:

But you never know what to give him, so you just give him a big hug and smooch because you know he likes that the most of all. The best time to do that sort of giving is right after the Provo parade at the family picnic.

The family picnic requires three things.

1.) A seriously cute red, white and blue outfit:

2.) Tons of energy for things like marshmallow gun fights, water balloons, water dunking machines, softball, or spontaneous jump roping:

Which always, always, always leads to number three . . .

3.) Tears:
And you should know that if you don't like things thrown at you, or being mercilessly dunked in water, or marshmallows repeatedly shot at your eyeballs you can always go to the mother's lounge and play with the newborns (there are usually at least two every year) :

Should you decide to keep it safe in there you must be warned that you'd mostly likely end up taking a diaper or two out to the trash. Thumbs up, though:

If you are a parent in my family the family picnic is about the time when you desire nothing more than a long summer's nap. But it will elude you, the holiday is not over and your kids are most likely more hyper at this point than you are tired.

Like this:

Quickly turns into this:

(Cue the montage of the other really tired parents) :

I'm hot.

And that ends my photo essay of "What it is like being in my family."

What is it like being in yours?

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