I'm The Lucky One

Me and Lucky

A couple days after this photo was taken Lucky invited Chup and I to her home for fish tacos. We had just met and wildly became fast friends. As I recall we had a peachy time with her, her good-looking family and her dog named Posie. I think we might've even stayed too long. But she somehow forgave us and an e-mail was waiting for me when I arrived home.

"Are you going to blog about our dinner tonight?" She asked.

I was at a point in my blogging where I wasn't sure if I should write about my private social events. I am a private public blogger, but I am also publicly private person (if you say that three times slow it totally makes sense). Though I wanted to write about all of my outings and soirees, I also wanted people to feel like they could hang out with me and not have to read about it the next day on the blog. Like last Sunday when my dad put a random bowl full of fish crackers on the dinning room table next to the roast and slab of mashed potatoes.

"Be careful of what you do Dad." Warned Andrew "It might end up on the blog."

And see?

It did end up on the blog.

Anyway, before I could answer Lucky she shot back an e-mail with a change of heart.

"Don't write about it, I just want it to be our little secret evening."

And so I didn't.

But tonight Lucky and her crew came to our house for dinner. We ate some enchiladas, corn-on-the-cob and my version of Chup's salsa. After dinner, the kids played in the Astro Turf room as Lucky and I theorized on various subjects from same gender romance in the Church to the morals of the youth of America. Meanwhile, The Chief nursed the evening away.

Three years ago I met Lucky through blogging (in a contrived sort of way). I have no doubt that our friendship was designed by heaven (everyone: awwwwe!) I love her very bosomy because she is a unique soul, and I admire her story. She seems to be the one who gives me insights into my missing puzzle pieces.

Though we've had many outings since our initial dinner (including a very splendid/bizarre road trip to Arizona) (and the night she was the bartender at my birthday party) (and the time I saw her in her pink chaps) I've never realized that our union was made possible by the blog-o-sphere . . . until tonight.

So heck yes, I am going to blog about it.

Blogs are for Friends.

Put that on your bumper sticker and sell it.

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