Day 3 Of Good Report Baby Edition or What To Buy For Your Next Baby Shower

Did you know?

I had a baby.

He's a fine specimen with all-watching eyes and a chin that should be cloned. We've had times together so far, some good, some gooey, but all leading me to proclaim: I'll keep him!

Another thing that I have loved about motherhood is testing baby products. Chup and I have loved this carseat/stroller that Popeye and Grandma K gifted their favorite Chief upon his arrival on this planet (birf).

But also Of Good Report:

Sleepy Wrap:
The first time we experimented with our baby wrap was about a week post birth. I had some formal training by Azucar who had also coached me into choosing the perfect wrap. There is a whole race of baby wraps in this world and I wasn't about to be hasty. I liked the Sleepy Wrap because the material was stretchy cotton, and I am a total sucker for cotton products (you know, like 501's and cotton balls). Also, they advertised on hippie mom sites (undisclosed until now: I really want to be a hippie mom (no bras!) and I do a lot of research on that particular subject). Anyway, as it turns out, The Chief completely regressed to his in-utero state when snuggled into the wrap. He went all fetal and fell asleep for the entire afternoon leaving me close to my baby (still breathing?) AND (get this) hands free! That is when I was really sold.

A couple weeks later I talked Chup into wearing it over to our family's Father Day celebration. He is a big guy, crowd, a real big guy, and the Sleepy Wrap still fit him like a hotdog bun fits a hot dog (have you had a J Dawg? RAGE!).

Yes and so, on your scale of "How Cute Is That?" I dare ask (with my hard-fought Utah accent), "How Cute Is This?"

If you look closely in this crappy snappy cell-u-lar phone picture you will see that The Chief is actually fetal and channeling his inner-pirate.

Close up?
Forty-five minutes later?
Still pirate.

And this isn't the part that I was supposed to tell anyone, but who cares about confidentiality in marriage (right?) Chup--while still bundled up--leans over to me and says "This kinda helps overcome my battle."

"What battle?" I asked.

"Pregnancy-envy." He confessed. He's a total hippie daddy!

Do hippie moms ask "How Cute Is That?!?!" because I'll totally stop now.

Obuba: Is my homestar nursing cover-up. Though I must give myself kudos for my competent nursing capabilities (for the first two weeks I honestly prayed before and after breastfeeding, one to pray for The Latch and one to thank for The Latch's success) (hard work, breastfeeding). The thing about nursing cover-ups is that they are obvious in their purpose and therefore have earned a slew of nicknames (insert yours here). The Obuba just looks like something in your wardrobe, like a zippy little Anthro shawl for a cool evening at Sundance. The only thing intimidating about it all is the name (Oh-Boo-Baw) which Chup likes to say emphasizing the "boob" part (what? you asked). I was going to post a picture of me wearing mine, The Chief easily concealed underneath, but as it turns out, I am not yet postpartumly picture ready. So instead, you get some slick model.

Mine is baby blue. Seriously, I wore it all day yesterday with nothing underneath. Please don't tell my father.

Pee-pee Teepees:
So today I am changing The Chief on my bed (lazy) and he gets this look on his face--one I know well--and I scramble for my Ever Ready Pee-pee Teepee which looks exactly like this:
Just as the fountain is about to hit my pillowcases I smother all wetness with this fantastic invention. The teepee (also cotton) is really absorbent and answers the age old sprinkle-in-the-face phenom. My mother originally bought these for me at my cousin's famous art market as sort of a gag gift (the ever-lasting phallic joke!) but boy they are han-dy. What's more is the choice of styles on the Pee-pee Teepee website. And we just wash them with The Chief's other soiled clothes. But most of all, there is a connection:

The Chief



The Chief


Didn't get it?



Oh nevermind.

I hope I'm not doing all the work around here, Friday is around the corner, you know.

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