Day 2 Of Good Report, or Chup Chimes In

Happy Life, Happy Wife: Over a meager dinner of turkey and tuna sandwiches tonight I asked Chup what was Of Good Report in his life. "Coming home from work to a wife in a good mood." He responded (quickly). Today I totally took it easy (as I am learning to do) and spent the whole mid-morning making my son smile by the use of my high-toned baby talk and the old' blowing-on-the-tummy trick. In the afternoon, as he slept, I skipped out on promised laundry sorting and instead read, responded to funny, friendly e-mails and drank a clementine (oh my darlin') Izze. When rush hour had pushed my husband through the front door later this evening he commented that I "had light in my eyes again." To which I responded, "Okay but don't get any funny ideas."

Marilyn's Playlist: Admittedly I am not a huge fan of a playlist just popping up and scaring me to death every time I click on a blog. But I go to Marilyn's blog for the playlist (and also because I really have a lotta love in my heart for my favorite blueberry farmer's wife.) I keep that bloggified juxebox open and listen to it lullaby me for hours. I've given her kudos for this playlist many times on this blog and apparently I am not done. Her music is unique, interesting and intelligent. And usually she really has heard of them first.

Sturdy Rubberbands: Which currently pull my thickly textured hair back on hot summer nights. Who can sleep with their hair down in this heat? Which reminds me that my industrial-sized swamp cooler almost made the Of Good Report list but it sometimes works too well and The Chief and I end up with coldsie toesies.

Coldsie toesies. Who am I anymore?

Are you thinking about what to report on Of Good Report Friday?

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