Three Myths Debunked

People told me three things over and over and over again before I crossed that Threshold of No-Return (aka Motherhood.) Sadly, I have to say, I have found that they are invalid. I shall demonstrate:

Myth: You will feel instantly better after you give birth.
After I gave birth I still felt like puking for a couple days. Now that I am a milk-machine I have to say that I am still apt to feel a bit queasy. And you'll be kind enough to not mention pizza around me as I have not healed that relationship. I can't even believe I typed that word in this paragraph. Maybe it means we're making head-way. But don't count your nickles before they hatch.

Myth: Your nursing bra will not fit after your milk comes in.
I hope that my nursing bra is supposed to fit like a glove. Cause it does.

Myth: It feels different when they are your own (referring to babysitting)
It feels exactly like babysitting. I keep waiting for the real mother to come and take over.

But they were right about one thing, all those people . . . I am in love.
Boy howdy.

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