Knock, Knock, House Keeping!

Notes from me:

*Probably the number one e-mail I receive from readers is a complaint that my blog won't let them comment. My dear friends, I am so sorry you are having this problem. Because I am a bit of a comment whore I have to address the problem publicly. The truth is, it is your fault not my blog's. You know what? You need to update your browser. You are probably hanging out with an old version of Internet Explorer. My friend, I plead for you to download Mozilla Firefox. The whole process is so fast. It'll take a couple minutes. Just Google "Download Mozilla Firefox" and it will add an ease to your life you've never known. I am so serious. Take my hand, trust me. Then come back and comment away. You can even comment about previous posts. Like who you want your sister-wife to be. Let's join hands and heal.

*If I don't have this baby this weekend don't be mad at me. My instincts are telling me June first. June is a great month for a birthday is it not? Just ask Alanis Morissette or Morgan Freeman, or better yet, Marilyn Monroe (if you can "cross over" and you can, if you try really, really hard).

*Would you like to see the mural that my sister-in-law Lisa (Oh Judy!) created for my living room?

Ok, here it is:

Isn't she fabulous?

Do you know what else my uber-talented SIL is doing these days? Blogging for Deseret Book at a place called "Light Refreshments Served" check it out here!

*Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words and strong support. I know my life is about to change because I am so snacky. Snacky always proceeds the miracle. I am honored to have so many people in my life who cheer me on. It's very humbling.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some chocolate covered cinnamon bears to gnaw on. . .

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