Waiting For A Few More Bible References

Last weekend Chupa and I had dinner with some of our most cherished friends. Cherish is just about the best word I've used in awhile. Anyway, as we dined on bread and fish (we're simple) we discussed my favorite personality test in the whole-wide-world Hartman's Color Code which trumps all the other "scientific" profiles I studied as a psychology major. Room for error my arse!

Only, people never believe me that I am a RED. Sometimes even I can't believe it. I've retaken the test so many times that I have the questions memorized. But I still take it seriously. You know, like the Bible. I think taking things seriously is totally a RED characteristic, by-the-way.

But back to dinner. We were sitting there discussing the book when our friend said,

"Now, to be sure, there aren't any REDS at this table are there?"

Kinda like,

"Now, to be sure, there aren't any EUNUCHS at this table are there?"

And my pale, little voice squeaked out,

"Oh yes. I am a RED."

Then comes the No, you couldn't be's and the Are you sure? You don't seem like one's.

Afterwhich Chup replies, with his over-emphatic, Oh yes she is's!

Which I take personally. What does this world have against REDs? We get things done, baby. Not only that, but WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. And when we aren't right, we are right. Like right now. For instance.

Most of the time, I don't let my RED-ness define me. I mean, I am also a lot YELLOW which means I like to have a little fun (mostly by making fun of WHITES, but whatever). However today was a very terrible RED day for me. I took a tally of what is going on in my life and the answer equated to one word: waiting.

I am waiting for my allergies to go away.

Waiting for my baby to grow and birth.

Waiting to move.

Waiting for books from Amazon, Chup to get home from work, for e-mails to be answered, for my next make-me-a-blond appointment, to pay tithing in a new ward, for someone to leave me cookies on my doorstep, (I have a fantasy of always coming home to cookies on my doorstep, because what is better? It never happens, but I am still waiting anyway) and last of all, for my danged tulips to bloom.

And it is a well-known factoid that REDs do NOT like to wait. They are prone to be impatient, and I am a load of impatience right now. I am beside myself with uneasiness. Riled up with restlessness. Earnest in eagerness. Totally submerged in turbulence. (Shall I continue?) But I write this--though it might cast me as a tyrant--as a testament to my being a RED.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Like, right now.

Anybody else out there a RED?

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