Then Sings My Soul

I'd like to write a thank-you card to this weekend.

Dear Weekend,
This is why I liked you:

Chup came home early from work on Friday. After a brief dinner (maybe KFC biscuits and cole slaw . . . maybe not) he left to save his soul at traffic school. But to my surprise, he was back home in just an hour-and-a-half (with notes!) so we had time to revive our two-man-band at some European venues via Rock Band.

Saturday morning. I sat in bed and read. And read. Oh how I read.

Before a double set of sen citz bumped me out of the way, I was able to pick through paint chips at Home Depot.

Chup and I went to the movie Vantage Point. Who knew it was a comedy? Dialogue like a scripted junior high drama.

Chup spent some time post-movie perfecting his Dennis Quaid Sour Face (but didn't you love In Good Company?) and succeeded once
. . . according to me.

Had a very cozy evening at a friend's cabin in Hobble Creek Canyon. We feasted on homemade clam chowder, fresh salsa and double chocolate brownies while the snow fell outside the window. Could I have written that description any better? Daaaang.

Christopher finds a note taped to his back. It reads "I like peanuts! and I smell!"

Grocery shopping. I doubt there is anything better than having food in my house. A plethora of cereal boxes, oranges and apples in the fruit jars, real swiss cheese for tuna sandwiches. Everything just seems right in the world. Chup exclaimed "I LOVE HAVING FOOD IN OUR HOUSE! A BEVERAGE WHENEVER I WANT ONE!"

Hearing my wonderful neighbors bless their now-officially-adopted-adorable daughter in church today. There wasn't a dry eye in the whole room. My mascara ran a marathon. Besides having food in your house, is there anything better than seeing good things happen to deserving people?

We had dinner with my parents and temporary house guests nephew Alex and niece Emily. I asked Emily to "please cut my toenails" and she ignored me. Aren't aunts are supposed to ask their nieces to do things like cut their toenails? And also, who will cut my toenails? I . . . can't . . . reach.

Prayers being answered. That sort of thing.

Last of all, Chup beat me four out of five times in Skip-bo tonight. This was nice because I usually I beat him, relentlessly. It was good to see him elated and feel like a winner.

Thanks Weekend!

Welcome March!

(P.S. I let him win.)

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