Now I Can't Even Remember the Disagreement

Today was a crying day. And an itty bitty yelling day. But that was only when Chup didn't agree with me.

I am not an emo person. (Emo is so in these days.) Usually I keep my hots and colds at about a warm. Whatever that means right? (Bathtub analogy.) But today my feelings were spilling out like guts in a bad horror movie.

I cried at news stories on, I cried when I thought about my friend's husband (Mr. Bobby) because he is such a nice guy, Chup and I both cried at the memory of our dog Ralph and I cried again when I met a couple who just came home from being deployed.

And then there was that moment when I cried because Chup didn't agree with me.

Did I already mention that?

So here it is almost bedtime. My eyes are sore and salty. (But how do I know they are salty?) I am drained of all my in-house moisture. I just remembered that my friend Jill hates the word moisture. Now I want to cry again.

Before anyone out there feels sorry for me I just want you to know that as I was checking the Segullah Blog Sampler (fancy) I found this post which made me stop crying and chuckle. Do you think my friend Jill hates the word chuckle too?

Anyway, the moral of this post is: Do not disagree with me.

Can we agree on that?

P.S. My mom once told me that crying all day makes for nightmares at night. It is true too because one time I cried all day and had dreams of flesh eating turtles. That was when I was a little biscuit. Now I am afraid to go to bed. Crying cycle resumes.

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