It Would've Been Perfect in the Master Bedroom.

On Saturday Chup and I went shopping. Our mission was to find something special for me for my birthday (March 11th, Tuesday, yes this Tuesday). We drove our speedster from Provo to Lehi taking the back roads to stop at all the boutiques, general stores, bakeries and antique houses we could find along the way.

I also brought along my dad's motto about shopping. He says "If you find something you can't live without you buy it on the spot." With this in mind I've purchased all sorts of beloved treasures including a coat made out of The Abominable Snowman fur in downtown Quebec City. For this reason I really like shopping with my old man.

Our day was well spent on Saturday. Not only did we see lovely collectibles--from teapots to salt and pepper shakers shaped like antique birds--but we also got lots of ideas for our new home. An orange-and-white tiled floor spoke to me. As well as rows and rows of retro fabric for new curtains. But nothing jumped out and said "You Cannot Live Without Me!" which is what needs to happen for a well-spent purchase.

So we shopped on and on until we came to a second-hand furniture store. We passed aisles of dusty chandeliers, beaten head boards and a collection of white lamp shades. And then, there in the back, in a mess of chipped mirrors and wall hangings, I saw it:

Old Buck-a-roo. Remember? From Uncle Dan-Boy's ranch? Always achin' for a carrot dipped in molasses! Bad case of sad eyes.

And suddenly Chup said that he couldn't find his wallet. So we couldn't buy it, and I had to settle for a lime ricky at Article Circle.

Oh and some fries too.

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