Girl Can't Help It

So the other night I had a conversation with my brother Matt. He asked me a question that would've easily been answered if he had faithfully been reading my blog. So I said,

"Come on! Don't you read my blog?"

And he said,

"Um. I just like blogs with pictures, not a lot of words."

Thinking of him, I took Chup's camera to our new house inspection this afternoon. I shot two pictures of our funky-delicious house before the battery flat-lined.

It really bummed me out.

When we headed out the door Chup coaxed the camera to give up one last shot. It's the one above of me in my awesome orange tunic. The other pics turned out looking like blur. A literal blur.

Sorry Matt.

But I need to know, don't you think my new retro-riot house needs a wallpaper-ed wall like this?

Also, does your family read your blog?

And lastly, was I the last person to discover Yael Naim?

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