Charming the Chup

We're two months away from our initiation into parenthood, Chup and I. Every night I curl up in bed and mentally mark--with a bold red x--another day closer to our event. The Event. THE EVENT TO END ALL EVENTS. I am certain there is no way to adequately prepare myself, or Chup, so it's really a waiting game. Besides how many times can I take a gleeful inventory of all the little onesies, booties and blankeys that I've collected (and folded, refolded) so far?

The other night I was also taking inventory of Chup's wardrobe.

"Honey, you need some new casual shirts." I observed.

So we went shopping, Chup and I. Particularly to a store that is kind enough to have a supply of XXLs in bright colors. And baby clothes. Cute, simple, unadorned baby clothes.

When Chup stopped at the first table full of manly shirts, I told him that I was headed back to peruse the infant section.

"And so it begins . . ." Chup replied wistfully as though I were abandoning him in his great hour of need. This was, after all, supposed to be his special shopping trip, with me faithfully at his side digging through trendy tops in search of the triple-lettered knit tee.

"I will be right back." I assured.

But the exchange got me to thinking. Perhaps I can't really prepare myself for motherhood, or Chup for fatherhood, but I can secure our relationship. The first thing that came to mind: Remind Chup that he is my First Love.

And I knew just how I was going to do it.

On a tip from a friend
I found a local artisan, Kim, who makes custom pendants. I browsed through Chup's dreamy headshots and found the one that even Zac Ephron (who?) would envy. Via e-mail, I attached the photo and put in an order for specifics on a chain, as well as a little flirty secret message for the back of the pendant. A couple days later, my mailbox offered me a pouch. Inside the pouch was the most adorable purple sachet. Inside the sachet was my beautiful pendant. Custom made, and perfect for my plan.

It would be good of me to tell you what happened when Chup discovered the enchanting pendant hanging from around my neck later that afternoon, but this is a family friendly blog. You know I just can't share those details.

Let's just say he no longer worries about his place in my heart. Things are good, Chup and I.

Check out Kim's stunning pendants by click HERE!

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