Can I Have A Word With You?

You know, people are so sweet. They keep asking me and asking and . . . asking me what they can get me for my birthday tomorrow (or today, or today and tomorrow depending on when you are reading) and you know, I really like presents, gifts and/or presents and gifts, so it's hard for me to respond. Anxiously hard.

Today I took some time out of taking time off to take some time to think about what I really wanted for my birthday today (or tomorrow, again, depending) and I made up my mind. Don't worry it's cheap, easy to find and/or cheap and easy to find. Plus, no scotch tape required.

I'd like a word. You got it. A word. One word. Like: sloppy, melancholy, or even enchilada. Just pick a word in the English language, or the French language (because I speak English, French and/or English and French) and post it in my comment section. Oh, and no swear words because I am a chaste lady, and my mom reads this blog as does Your Mom.

And then could you wish me a happy birthday and not a happy barfday because today bile came up and out my nose and/or up and out of my throat and it could not have burned more?

Here is one word for you in advance: merci.

P.S. cg6, Cafe Rio Whore and Courtney Love, I am asking for two words. Asking? I mean deserve.

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