Blogging instead of Christmas Cards and now! Scrapbooking

Picture of the day: Hangover picture, again

Chup and I met with another couple tonight at our house. As we were discussing business I noticed that the wife continued to look around my home from her view on my couch. I kept shifting in my chair wondering what her eyes were telling her brain. Finally she said,

"You must be a great scrapbooker."

To which I replied,

"I am not."

To which she replied,

"You should scrapbook. You'd be great."

To which I replied,

"Actually, I just blog instead."

To which her husband butted in, pointed to me, and said,

"Ahh! I thought you'd be a blogger."

But what does that even mean? And are scrapbooking and blogging now acceptably interchangeable? I hope so, because nothing gives me the anxiety like thinking of The Scrapbook. Even as I type this, the air in my lungs is disappearing in small huffs and my pits are starting to produce salty liquid. I've got one scrapbook that I stopped working on two Decembers ago. There are still blank pages left waiting for decor. What do I do with it? Don't answer that.

No, do.

No, don't.

I think I'm choking.

So in this spirit, I have decided to adopt an excellent idea from my friend Jill who takes a picture of her life every day. It'll be a new feature on my blog. Plus, no die cuts.

What are die cuts?


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