Up In There

If you will allow me to permit, this is a photo taken by me. It is a lonely photo because after many many many inquiries to Chup he has yet obliged me with a photo shoot of my "lovely baby bump." He claims my new over-the-hills-esque physique is to his liking, though not enough to get out his snapping Nikon D-70. And yet, e-mail after e-mail comes pouring in, "When are you going to show us an updated picture of your pregnancy?"

A couple of days previous I had taken some pics of my belly exposed. My belly button is wondrously cavernous these days. As I was doing some post-production work on the shots (nip tuck/nip tuck), I asked Chup if he thought it appropriate to show my naked belly to the world via my blog.

His answer?


Being the old-fashioned wife that I am I immediately halted plans to publish my centerfold. And yet, it was he who, just a year ago, streamlined a series of pictures of my cleavage on a birthday tribute to me and posted on youtube. The universe looks at youtube! Even the Martians!

Cleavage ok? Baby bump not?

Then I start to wonder, as any wife would, perhaps Chup doesn't find my belly as attractive as I had hoped. Maybe he's just enduring the whole protrusion. Or at some level, it is a symbol of things to come. Our rapidly awkward ability to hug reminds him only of something "getting in the way" of "just us." This is so complicated.

I would like to relish this time though, it won't be long until this happens. (That is a link by-the-way, you are supposed to use your mouse to click on it.)

I am sure even the Martians think it's a little too alien.

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