I Heart Wymount (I Promise) Plus Two Links

At random times I think about things I've said to people that make me cringe. I'm really not one of those people who freely speaks my mind about matters because I lack a bold gene in my body (Page took all of that DNA). So once-in-a-while things come flying out of my mouth, but not before my brain has made a copy of the comment to file away in the recesses of my lobe-cabinets. Then one day I'll be making my bed and BAM! I am remembering the time I told Chup that I didn't like his sneakers because they reminded me of husbands who live at Wymount.

Whoa there, nothing wrong with husbands who live at Wymount. It's just that we are no longer students and my husband can afford shoes that don't look like his wife purchased them at the weekend Wymount lawn sale for seven bucks while he was at ward basketball practice.

Oh see? Sometimes my one snarky comment breeds itself and gives birth to ten more baby snarky comments and then BAM! now I've got to apologize for generations of sarcastic posterity.

Anyway, one time I may have told my brother Topher that if I didn't know him and I read his blog I would think he might be gay. (A gay father of five with a hot wife? You never know these days.) Apparently this statement (which I have thought about many times, washing dishes, eating pancakes, puking in the toilet) took up camp in his head as well. Today he wrote a post defending his masculinity which I suppose means that he is not gay. (Right? It all gets so confusing.) I must say, he has me quite convinced.

See the evidence here.

Also, Bobby wrote a really good post on why moms should blog and not feel guilty. You can read it here.

Happy Weekend!

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