I Am Falling In Love With My Baby Cherry Pie

Through nine pregnancies and thirty-three grandchildren-pregnancies, my mother had never seen a baby ultrasound. When Katie told me that I would need a third ultrasound for a clearer picture of The Chief's heart (all four handsomely-molded atriums) I invited The Councilwoman to come along.

From the very squirt of the lubrication on my belly my mother was impressed. The Chief soon appeared in a dust of grainy magnetism "Oh! Look at him!" she gasped. As the baton moved over The Chief's temporary apartment inside my skin we saw his spine, kidneys, stomach, lips and yes, again, that much hailed teepee.

Every body part came with acclaim from The Councilwoman.

"What a beautiful spine!"

"Would you look at those kidneys?"

"Oh! The stomach!"

"Huge healthy lips."

"Oh yes, that is a nice sized teepee!"

Of course the more my mother complimented, the more proud I became in my baby. At one point we watched as The Chief drank in the accessible yummy (?) amniotic fluid. This time it was me who exclaimed, "Look at him gulp!"

Then I started to cry.

After the visit was over I texted Chup,

"I think I am falling in love . . . with The Chief."

He responded,

"Don't go loving that baby more than me."

To which I responded,

"Whatever. Earl."

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