I just sat down to write a post, but now all I can think about are donuts.





I was going to write about the lovely walk Lucy and I took today by the river. We even saw Mirjam who I have the pleasure of running into once a week in random places. I keep insisting that she invite me over for her homeland food of Germany.

Bavarian Creme.

And I was going to write
about how I actually decided to listen to NPR for the first time today, but ended up switching to KSL because my intellectual faculties couldn't handle all of the incredible information I was learning in one afternoon! KSL just preaches Republicanism interspersed with traffic reports. So simple.

A simple Apple Fritter.

I thought about writing a paragraph about my respect for single parents. Our friend came over tonight, balancing his two kids whom he has custody of right now. His little three-year-old Gwenie asked me to braid her hair. . .


. . . which I did using blue rubber bands (because blue is her favorite color). When her hair was all done--cute like Pippy--she cuddled up to her dad and asked,

"Don't I look beautiful?"

And her Dad said,

"Oh yes! Too bad Daddy doesn't know how to braid."

The whole exchange made me feel so much love for devoted parents. But mostly single ones.

A single dipped choc-o-late glazed.

I also contemplated writing a thank you to Ric who introduced me to Canada Dry's Bitter Lemon drink last weekend. Sour to taste, naturally pucker-able, where have you been these past seven months?, lemony devotion.

Lemon filled.

But crap. All I can think about are donuts.

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