Chris Van Joker

I would like to dedicate this post to Utah's premiere journalist Chris Vanocur. As if his carefully choreographed camera angles weren't enough to satisfy me, his performance at today's announcement of President Monson's Presidency was enough to make me forever his girl.

When given the opportunity to ask the new prophet anything (save politics) he asked something like "It is reported that you like all types of birds, burnt almond fudge ice cream and the color yellow. Do you care to elaborate?" (not direct quote)

I can only assume that Chris was thinking about the all the primary children of the church. He loves kids. Bonus. Triple Bonus. Also, is it wrong of me to love a hard-hitting journalist so much?

Wait, am I already married?

(It is so easy to forget sometimes.)

But anyway Chris, in case you read this I want you to know that I like all types of fries, ice (just ice) and the color of army.

And yes, I'd love to elaborate . . . sometime.

(whisper) Call me. (end whisper)

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