An Open Letter To My Mother-in-Law Honey

Dear Honey,

Tonight your son Chup and I had an appointment to look at a condo we've considered buying. Because the owner was out of town, he sent his dear mother with the keys to let us inside. She met us in the lobby and it was apparent that she had trouble walking. None-the-less she led us up in the elevator to the sixth floor where she let us in this lovely little place.

Chup inspected everything from top-to-bottom with his scrutinizing part-time engineer eye all the while impressing the nice lady with his knowledge of Japanese toilets. When we had seen the place twice over, Chup went through and turned off all the lights and made sure the place was secure so that the feeble lady didn't have to do it herself.

As we headed down to the elevator the lady stopped and turned around. "I'm not sure if I locked the door . . ." she said sifting through her keys.

"Would you like me to check?" Chup offered already walking in the direction.

For a moment the lady and I were alone. I thought of maybe asking her some real estate questions when she interrupted my question-molding process.

"He is so handsome!" She gushed in a whisper.

Now Honey, I know that you've heard many compliments about your son since his birth. I know people have said that he is kind-hearted, clever, talented, genuine and you've probably heard handsome too. So there really isn't much news to this story . . .

. . . only that after we got home, and I was lounging on the couch, I felt The Chief kicking inside of me as if he controlling the gas, brake and clutch pedals to his imaginary in-utereo Porsche. I started to think about thirty-six years from now, when my baby will be the age of your son. I decided that if ever my son was as charming as yours was tonight I'd like to know about it.

So there you go.

Thanks for growing the guy, I really like him.

c jane

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