My diamond bands, one for making through a year of marriage, another for the babe in my womb.

Though I am not the best at replying,
I always love to get e-mails from people who take time to read my blog. I like the one-on-one interaction that only an in-box can produce. Lately though my e-mails have been better than ever. For instance:

My fellow first-time-miracle-baby friend who was kind enough to commiserate-through-the-joy with me . . . in her own way:

I did not have morning sickness and all I have had is some swollen feet and hands, stretch marks and now I am suffering heartburn. Of course, now that I think about it, I have been much more zitty too. And I have these tiny weird skin tags on my neck and I guess I could go on...

Would I trade skin tags for the vomits? That is a question to contemplate. I really love my smooth skin and if I eat a Frango mint first thing in the morning the up-heave is somewhat minty.
The next e-mail comes from Kiki, a Southern Belle who I met through blogging via Azucar:

When will you have time for me, and will that be a time when I will have time for you?

In addition, nothing.

I am glad that there was no addition to that e-mail. Can you imagine?

Jilly was nice enough to view Mr. Phun's documentary in it's entirety. She wrote commenting on what I said was my favorite Christmas present:

Can't wait to see your new diamond.

I wrote back that my new diamond was actually a band of diamonds Chup had purchased from the best jewelers in the business--Beesley Goldsmith--to commemorate the pregnancy. I felt I needed to explain all this because Jilly's diamond is the size of Asia.

She wrote back reassuring:
It's not the size of the diamond that counts, it's the sentiment behind it.


Speaking of the Phun documentary, I had so many raving e-mails but my favorite came from Galamorous who wrote:

My favorite cracker is the Club Cracker. Followed by the Graham Cracker. Followed by MC Cracker, which is what we nicknamed Brian Austin Green on 90210.

Note to you: if you don't get it it's because you missed out on the documentary and Beverly Hills 90210 and shame on you. Also, you are missing out.


Thanks to all who also wrote about my soundtrack video and my diva-inspired Christmas greeting. Only one person had something not-so-glowing to say about my performance and he happens to be the only record producer I know, Mr. Scott Wiley:

your blog is awesome, you are a great writer, it is really funny, and I really love to read it. you....uh...not so much with the singing though.

Another name for Record Producer? Dream Killer.


Last of all, I include one of the several complaints I received about turning off my comments from my sweet-cyber-friend Marilyn:

It's funny, now that you aren't accepting comments, I kind of feel like I haven't talked to you in a while, which is completely ridiculous since I've never actually spoken to you anyways. This is my way of telling you that I miss your comments (you have brilliantly funny friends.)

Brilliantly funny friends huh? Well, let's see what they have to say today.

Comments I command you to be turned on!

(That's what she said.)

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