I Would Be Nothing Without You (Plus 2 Service Projects)

When I heard that Oprah was going to interview Daniel Day-Lewis today I was sure to be seated in front of the TV this afternoon to watch. I think the guy is a genius, an actor's actor, and though I can't really ingest a lot of his graphic movies, I appreciate his method. In the interview, Daniel was so eloquent and humble. I thought to myself, I want to be eloquent and humble. During the commercial break I muted the TV and started calculating plans on how I was going to achieve eloquence and humility, two things that don't come easy to my na-tu-ral woman (woman!).

In my Daniel Daze (Lewis) I noticed that Oprah was doing a promo for a show with Bette Midler. She made some crack about being married for "150 years" and Oprah laughed like Bette was the Blue Ribbon. At that point I had to mute again because another inner-thought occurred, You were born to be more of a Bette than a Daniel Day. Go with it.

It's true. I wasn't made with the fibers of the quiet, tortured Artist. I have spent quality time trying to transform into that caricature, but Bette always returns, ready to hog to the spotlight and spit out sarcasm for a laugh. And you should hear me sing Wing Beneath My Wings. Tears, honey, tears down your cheeks.

I want you to know I know the truth (of course I know it) and today confirmed it better than ever, I am more of an Open Book than a Treasure Chest. (Speaking of treasure chests did you click on my "woman" link?) My book is this blog and I write because it's my way of taking the stage. Of course there are inner goings on that I keep to myself, little moments I have for my own, but for good or evil I am not a modest person. And that is why it's cold there in my shadow (not a fat joke). I have come to these terms, I appreciate the Eloquent and Humble, though I am not, and I'm moving on.

And in that light, I propose two service projects. The first one comes from my brilliant friend Katy who is embarking on a romantical journey. In an effort to meet her "soul mate" she is driving across country and asking for friends, family and strangers to set her up with good soul-ed single men a long the way. If you live in the USA along Katy's path and know of a beloved bachelor that would like to meet a very smart, hilarious woman and doesn't mind having the meeting documented for a future doc-u-men-tary, visit Katy's blog and let her know. Here is her road trip itinerary so far:
St. George, UT
Phoenix, AZ
would like a stop between here
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
would like a stop between here
Evans, GA
Gainsville, FL
Clemmons, NC
Washington DC (Arlington and Alexandria)
Shrewsbury, MA (Boston)
West Grove, PA
would like a stop between here
Evans, IL (Chicago)
Kansas City, KS
Denver or Fort Collins, CO

You might have Katy's fate in your hands! Pray about it!

Secondly, in a family discussion tonight Chup admitted (second time this week) that he gets through his work day reading your comments. My readership is like the second wife in our marriage I guess. But should you be the second wife, as the first wife I demand you to pull your weight around here. Do you have any funny stories, jokes or links for our husband to enjoy? Please post in comments. Then clean the toilet. I can't do it, I am too pregnant.

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