GBB Is The New WWJD?

Today I am posting at my brother's blog, while he posts on our sister's blog, while she posts here, on my blog.
There now, isn't this fun?
From Nie Nie:

In the spirit of Elder Oaks talk "Good, Better, Best"
I have decided to come up with a resolve to decide how and what I do falls under the
Good, Better or Best category.
For example here is what I do:

Wake up at 5:00 am to run 7 miles :GOOD
Wake up: BETTER
Sleep in until I absolutely can:BEST
Eat oatmeal for breakfast: GOOD
Eat oatmeal and read scriptures at breakfast:BEST
Eat Breakfast: BETTER
Walk Claire to bustop every morning: BEST
(better on the gas budget)
Take Claire to school every morning: GOOD
(easy, no shoes or bra involved)
Take Claire to school:

Pick up Jimmy's poop all over the lawn everyday:BETTER
Wait for Christian to come home and pick up Jimmy's poop: GOOD
Let Jimmy eat his own poop: BEST (no work there)

Try and help Oliver discover how awesome it is to be toilet-qualified:BEST
Let Ollie use a diaper as long as he will because sometimes it is so easy to do that route:
Teach Ollie how to change his own bum:BEST
Make Jane a smoothie:BETTER

Cut up fresh fruit for her to snack on: BEST
Tell Jane to get her own dang banana: GOOD

Put Gigs to bed after reading a story and a lil snuggle:BEST
Put Gigs to bed with bottle and a sigh of relief :BETTER
Put Gigs to bed: GOOD.
Wake up with Mr. Nielson put on red lipstick and
make him fresh-squeezed orange juice:BETTER
Wake up with Mr. Nielson put on red lipstick
and make him fresh-squeezed orange juice with only a apron on: BEST
Wake up with Mr. Nielson:GOOD
Blog: GOOD
Blog at night after children are in bed:BETTER
Blog at night after the children are in bed and
Mr. Nielson and I have had our cereal together: BEST

Deciding this should be easy, like right now
Oliver is playing with his laser gun
inbetween Mr. Nielson and I in bed.
It's about 10:00.
Mr. Nielson is looking at me with this puppy-dog eyes as if to say:
"Why is the kid in our bed, why are you still typing, and why the crizapp are you snuggled under my arm?

Seriously, I only type the truth.
Here's to making 2008 the BEST it can be.

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