Splurging on the Details

The other day, while eating Holiday-colored m&ms with my friend Bobby, she revealed to me that she had learned my secret to blogging.

"You splurge on the details."

By jingo, I think she's right. I
do splurge on the details! And when the details aren't particularly interesting I enhance the details. Anyone can do it. It's just that easy.

Watch me go to work:

I really love it how the snow melts around the Christmas lights on our rooftop making my little double wide look like a digital gingerbread house.

I shared a Sunshine Roll at Tsunami last night with some friends. Seriously, the Sunshine Roll is actual sunshine, avocado and spicy tuna rolled up with tofu paper. I credit Wendy for the introduction. Advantage Wendy.

Words I haven't pronounced correctly in the last three days alone: plantain banana, Parmesan cheese, tiramisu.

All I want for Christmas is a name for my baby. My married name is riddled with consonants, making my new favorite names--like Everett--impossible. Good thing I like that guy I wedded. What's his name again?

Thanks to Chelle, I went to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time the other day. I ordered some fish tacos and received a plate big enough to cater the next block party in my neighborhood: The Larsen Family Compound Roast. On second thought, why should I share with the rest of them? But anyway I had--you got it--cheesecake for dessert, while I listened to Chelle's latest adventures in sincerity. Chelle is better than the whole factory. Including the factory workers with their white baptismal uniforms.

I watched La Vie En Rose-- a movie about Edith Piaf--the other night. Here are the songs that I've been singing repeatedly ever since: Hymne a L'Amour, Je Ne Regrette Rien and, of course, La Vie En Rose.

While at Costco, Chup and I ran into these people: Travis, Olga and Chris, Lucy and Ric. Let it be known that the last time I saw Travis was a week ago at Maceys, and the last time I ran into Olga it was at Costco. I see Lucy and Ric all the time.

The best thing one can do after one has done an act of service is to publish it on one's blog.
Even better in poetic style:
While in line at Costco,
who was buying protein powder for his employer
who suffers from full-body paralysis,
realized that he didn't have the correct pin number.
He tried to call his employer with Chup's phone,
but there was no answer.
Then he tried to get cash out of the ATM,
but it was out of service.
So you know what we did?
We bought the protein powder for him and said,
"Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night."
And then Chup had a chicken bake because
loves those puppies.

Recurring dreams I've had in the last week: teeth falling out, Chup doesn't love me, back on my mission speaking French, going into early labor.

So those are the details. Thanks for the splurge. Until next time robots of the world!

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