A New Banner and a Banner Day

Thanks Jed for the seasonally inspired look!

A screenplay of yesterday:

Me to Cashier:
Oooh I like your wedding ring.

Cashier: Thanks. I didn't want anything too fancy.

Me: It's really lovely.

Cashier: Oooh I like your wedding ring too.

Thanks. It's vintage.

I really like it.

Me: We must be wedding-ring-soul-mates.

You look cute today. I mean, I really like what you are wearing.

Thanks! I am coming back here again!

Cashier: Oooh and will you promise to come through my line?

Me: I would be honored.
Later that day

Me to Nurse Practitioner: Oooh I really like your sweater.


: It has birdies on the back!

I like your cute dress!

I like how you tell me that my baby's heartbeat is strong.

NP: I like it how you grab my hand whenever we hear it beating.

Me: Thanks. I feel sick all the time still.

NP: Let's get you some really good drugs!

Later that evening

Me to Chup: I really like your wife.

Chup: Yeah? She's not too shabby.

I really like how you take her out to Thai Chili Garden whenever she wants.

I do what I can.

Me: I really like you are going to take her out to Thai Chili Garden tonight in fact.

Chup: Well, I thought she might want to go . . . she had a tough day.

Me: You are swell.

Later at Thai Chili Garden

Me to Chup: Do you think The Chief makes me look fat?

Chup: Eat up! Your massaman is getting cold!

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