Let Old Aquaintances Be Forgot (or however it goes)

Me, last year on New Year's Eve

Last December I predicted that 2007
was going to be farty year. Just as it rolled in, my sister Page gashed her head open while skiing at Sundance (she's fine now, maybe a little paranoid that's all). Lucy was in a car wreck on Valentine's Day. The Councilwoman fell and broke her foot, and all of this just in the first few months. From there on out 2007 pulled out all the stops, more broken limbs, job changes, flooding, miscarriages and dental emergencies. Later in the year Grandma K passed away, as did (unexpectedly) our much-loved canine Ralph.

Though our miracle pregnancy was conceived in this year, and though we are grateful and excited out of our minds, for the last four months I've spent way too much time looking at the bottom of my toilet, including this very morning. If one more person tells me that I "should be feeling better by now" or "It won't last much longer" 2007 will also become a year where I commit battery and assault. Or assault and battery, whichever comes first.

But . . . last December I also predicted that if we could make it through 2007 we would see a very delightful 2008. Posterity, prosperity and propensity for purpose. Many times through the year Chup would look at me and say "2008 is going to be so much better, right?" My New Year's revelation got us through a year we didn't like so much, knowing that a better year was around the calendared bend.

For starters, The Chief is going to arrive, as well as his cousin Margo and girlfriend Atcha. Kentucky, MD and Phun get to settle in to a nice new house. The nation will get to chose a new president and BYU will get a BCS berth. Also, Chup and I intend on achieving "Expert" on all the instruments on our new Rock Band set.

2007, I salute you for your diligence.

Welcome 2008, we've been waiting.

P.S. As a New Year Celebration present I am including four-year-old-nephew-Phun's first documentary called What Was Your Favorite Present For Christmas? It stars Chup, The Chief, moi, Ringo, Honey, MD's pants and our beloved (though very hard of hearing) Grandpa K. Filmed in Twin Falls, Idaho this Christmas holiday. Watch out for the surprise ending.


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