Tummy is Smaller Than Appears

There is so much to write about. How our grief of losing Ralph has taken us by utter surprise. How LaVell showed up at our family's Turkey Bowl. How lovely was our Thanksgiving. How Chup put up our Christmas lights without any major disaster. How I have turned a crafty corner and can't get enough of making little holiday doo-dads. How my Cougars beat the Utes. How nice it was to spend time with my Clark cousins this evening.

How my tummy is growing.

How I am not feeling much better.

How I am a blond again and I feel tremendously less pale.

How I wear Bobby's blue scarf everyday of my life making it so The Councilwoman says "Oh are you wearing your favorite blue scarf again today?"

How I miss my dog at the back window.

Did I say that already?

P.S. I am going to be turning off my comments for awhile. Should you need to get a hold of me feel free to e-mail. Please note that my reply return is about a month (or so.)

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