Seeing the Teepee

Vintage photo of Chup with Claire. Note Chup's sitting position.

One of the first things I noticed about Chup was his propensity to sit Indian style. (I hope no one thinks that my using the term "Indian style" is racist because 1.) I think that is the correct anatomical name for that position and 2.) I have an uncle named Frank who comes from the Navajo Nation. He even comes around from time to time.)

Admittedly I thought Chup's Indian style was odd. He has these great-and-exceeding legs and to see them all wrapped up under each other looks a bit unnatural. When I first mentioned this he further appalled me by wrapping them behind his head. Then there was the time that he did the splits at a social gathering. . .

When I see the Michelangelo's David I see my husband's legs. Perfectly long and muscular. In time I began to appreciate Chup's preference. Considering the length of his appendages, it would be nice to sometimes coil them in all snuggly-like. Now we play Skip-Bo, watch t.v. and have heart-to-heart talks all in Indian style.

So I wasn't surprised today when we went to have a little ultrasound peek and our baby was happily sitting Indian style. It was my first reminder that, oh yes, Chup had something to do with this growing entity inside my uterus (who is still making me pukey.) My clever cousin Katie who was doing the ultrasound prodded the baby to move the legs. We wanted to see what was between those little (already long) legs! As hard as she nudged with the baton my baby refused to show us the prize. Second reminder that this baby was partially Chup's (stubborn.)

We tried everything. I moved around from side to side, up and down. We even took a break and I walked around the room and rubbed my tummy. Katie was determined to give us a definite answer and I was happy to gaze at the monitor at a very beautiful head, and oh, those cute little bitty toes. There were three of us in the room, Katie, Lucy and I, and two out of three of us admitted to sweaty (though not stinky) armpits.

I sat back on the table, more warm squishy gel on my stomach and the search continued fruitless. Legs, legs, legs.

Then something rotated and Katie gasped.

There it was.

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