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Just Some Things:

This week alone, Chup and I have mutually watched Dancing with the Stars and the CMA awards. We've got to move out of our double-wide before it completely devours our souls.

I found a dead bird in our backyard yesterday. It wasn't chewed up so I am pretty sure my docile Ralphy had nothing to do with it. That leaves Avian Flu or West Nile. Both are so exotic, don't you think?!

I had my first pregnancy hormonal crying fit last night before bed. I say it was hormonal because I was really irrational, but now that I think about it, it might have been due to two hours of listening to country music. It must be said though that Chup handled it like a pro.

Oh, and thanks to Lucy and Ric, my baby is going to have a close cousin! They were so kind to oblige us! They already have their names picked out. How does that happen without tears and tiny fights? Either way, welcome to earth Freddy or Betsy!

I am excited for the BYU vs. TCU game tonight. It's going to be a clincher. On a related note, I don't like it when football players have hair that sticks out of their helmet. Really peeves me. And gross.

Now that we have DVR I rewind like nobody's business. I like to look for little goof ups and awkward moments on live TV and rewind it over and over and laugh out loud. Local news is the best for that sort of sport.

Due to my incessant rewinding of live TV, I have tried to rewind live radio and live conversations as well. When I realize that this function doesn't exist in these arenas and therefore impossible, I get really frustrated.

I can't tell if it's pregnancy or lack of sit-ups.

Marilyn made me an awesome mix cd when I found out I was with child. I listen to it everyday of my life ('cept Sundees) and it is becoming the soundtrack of my life. For a good time, I open up her blog, play her song list, and browse the webnet. I love that Passionista's musical taste, it's a highlight of my life.

Another reason I love Chup: if he did play football, his hair wouldn't spill out of his helmet. Have I said how disgusting that is?

And another reason: he listens to the recording of our baby's heartbeat when he is alone.

Isn't that cute?

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