My Good Boy

My Ralphy died last night.

We aren't really sure what happened. He hadn't been sick and showed no signs of disease. Only recently he had fallen in love with another little white yappy dog from down the street. I choose to blame her.

We are so sad. I want to write a few things about my Ralph:

He loved water more than he loved air. We compromised on our walks, if he would walk me, I'd toss rocks in the water for him to chase.

He gave great big hugs using his front legs and huge paws. I am glad we had an affectionate dog.

When we picked him up as a puppy three years ago, his little stomach would bloat and distend. Chup and I would be up all night worried about him. The vet told us that he was just nervous and to give it time. After a few weeks he was fine.

With a leash, Ralph would tow Chup on the long board around the neighborhood.

Ralph took me on nightly walks around the block when all was quiet and calm. I could think about my day and he would run ahead.

We spent many hours lying in the sun together. It was great until he would lick my ears. I really hate having my ears licked.

One summer Chup bought a little kiddy pool and Ralph spent the months diving in and out of the shallow water.

Just two days ago we went on our last walk together by the lake. It was an exceptionally warm day, maybe the last of the year. He jumped around in a little tributary spring until it was time to go home.

R.I.P my sweetheart Wilfy.

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