What I Am Doing

Here is a list of things I am doing:

  • Eating cinnamon bears (thinking of Emmie.)
  • Feeling grateful that Chup scrubbed down the kitchen and bathroom this weekend. (They sparkle!)
  • Being obsessed with this song.
  • Drinking 8oz. of straight up cranberry juice out of a glass teacup.
  • Having alternate hot flashes and chills.
  • (Chills because I am listening to my song obsession--you get chills too.)
  • Getting ready to head up to Page's just to lie on her couch and be entertained by little Meri and Vivian.
  • Contemplating Great Harvest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Thinking about how much I love October.
  • Cheering on the Cougs victory at New Mexico.
  • Planning my warm wardrobe for Lucy & Ric's Halloween Party and Hayride, tonight, on the farm.
  • Wishing all the Nielson's could come.
  • Feeling more gratitude that May taught YW yesterday.
  • Trying not to puke.

What are you doing?

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