No Marie, Wrong Again!

When I arrived home from Idaho Lucy asked me if I'd seen Marie Osmond's faint on Dancing With I Don't Care. She watched it on the news and had to discuss with someone the bizarre behavior. I love bizarre behavior. I'm practically a connoisseur.

Tonight on the tel-a-vision Marie was talking to Mary Hart about her "personal issues" which ranged from divorce to "other things" that made people like me in the audience darn right curious. But everyone has their "other things" and who am I judge if someone actually faints from them?

But also Marie said, choking up, "I have . . . the . . . greatest brothers."

Correction. I have . . . the . . . greatest brothers.

Consider these reasons:

All of my brothers are Mormon too. In fact, my oldest brother Steve baptized me when I was eight years old. So technically, if it weren't for him I wouldn't be a Mormon today. I'd be Pagan because I love witchcraft.

My brother Matt meets up with me at Cafe Rio. He likes the pork tacos. Does Merill like Cafe Rio pork tacos? I wouldn't know because I've never seen Merill and Marie there sharing a table.

As for entertainment, Topher over Donny any single day of the calendar year.

My brother Andrew taught me two things: how to ride a horse and an appreciation for music with gratuitous guitar riffs, making him (you got it) a little bit country and a whole lot rock and roll.

Marie's youngest brother is often called "Little Jimmy" and I often refer to my youngest brother as "Little Jesse." And to top that off "Little Jesse" wins golf tournaments with his "Big Swing."

So that pretty much sums up my argument here. I am such a lucky sister I could faint. But instead I'll just eat the grape Laffy Taffy I just found on Chup's desk.

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