Everyone I Know

I had such a splendid time yesterday reading all the links I was sent. Though it was effort, darned if I didn't comment on almost every post I read. Just to prove it to you, in my readings I found out that (SQUEAL! SQUEAL!) Jessica and I are (SQUEAL AGAIN!) twins. Target I loveth thee, thou hast made me a twin to virtually everyone I know.

Speaking of Everyone I Know, I was warned and forewarned that I shouldn't--under any pretenses--visit the grocery store in my pukey state. Well here it was Thursday night, no Chup, no vittles in my cupboards, and after a long day of eating Oreos and drinking orange juice (even though cg6 told me Oreos did contain folic acid just to make me feel better) I bucked right up and took myself to Macey's.

For those of you not in the know about Macey's, it is a Mormon grocery store. As in the store itself is a member of the church. Not anything like that apostate Albertson's. Or whorish Smith's. (Don't get me started on Wild Oats.)

On aisle 2 I was heaving in my cupped hands.

By aisle 5 I ripped open my Fritos bag and stuffed my mouth.

At the freezer aisle I quite simply wanted to die. I remember looking up at a student wearing a striped tie (MTC teacher), shopping with a modified "single person's grocery cart" and wondering if he would help me should I need serious assistance.

From there on out, the whole thing is a blur. I fell into some deep trance (not even Tahiti) and shuffled my way around the store. I once heard a kid say "Mom! I see the fancy crackers!" which sounded like muffled voices in a garish nightmare.

When I (somehow) arrived home and unloaded my groceries (see: Jessica above), I saw that in my misery I purchased some odd-for-me items:

white bread

cottage cheese

western family brand pickles

pre-sliced swiss cheese

and what is this? triscuits?

But somehow I managed to remember the importance of a bag of Halloween Peanut M&Ms.

So as it turns out Everyone I Know was right. Again. And I hate when that happens.

And speaking of hating when something happens, do you ever have that experience when someone just stops making comments on your blog, leaving you wondering what went wrong? And you read your past fifteen posts looking for something that might have drawn an offense? Was my quip about Good Things Utah? (I hate you I hate you I hate you) But really, you wonder, what is the deal?

Just me?

Well, at least I have cottage cheese in my fridge.

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