Friday, October 26, 2007

A Date To Remember

Have you met Lois? Man, her posts are funny. You'll agree with me that these days, with Iran looking inevitable and, gulp, a potential female president in our future, we could all use some more humor. You know who you are.

As I was enjoying the wit of Lois the other day, I noticed on her side bar that she had me linked as "See Jane Puke." Did that ever get a chuckle out of me. A chuckle and then awake up call because now I am insecure. Have I complained too much? Not enough? Just right?

Anyway, if Lois is reading my blog just to hear about my pukiness than I think I owe it to her to announce the following news:

This morning I did in fact puke.

For those of you at home with tallies, this was my first time at pregnancy puking. And it happened so fast. I went to feed Ralph and then, (how could I help this next line?) I actually ralphed myself. Conveniently I aimed at one of Ralph's dig holes in the backyard. Only Ralph thought I was serving him a second breakfast . . . worm style.

You know what? It wasn't actually half bad. I've had many, many, many opportunities to vomit in the past few months and I've talked myself out of each one (Tahiti if you'll recall.) All it took was one time and now I am over my fear of the disgorge.

Thanks Lois for holding my hand on this one. You always were a good neighbor.

And your husband's art is my favorite.