Wednesday, October 10, 2007

c jane be amused

Now that I've been pukey for over a month, I find that I have no more food cravings. All food sounds equally disturbing. Although, I did enjoy a good lunch today of fruit and romaine salad (with sesame honey chunks), curried lentil soup and a nice slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. And this is a shout-out to those who catered that meal.

Alas, the only thing I crave these days is attention. I mean like the sappy, emotional, sympathetic earnings that can only lead to more attention starvation but none-the-less easse a woman's depression for an hour or two. I just want to hear "You poor little thing (as a sidenote: not so little anymore) you just sit there and feel pukey." No solutions, no answers, just a sigh and a look in the other direction when I make my squeamish face and swallow. To be clear, I have found many friends who are very good at distributing this kind of doting. Thank you to those Attentionistas (you know who you are.) And thanks to me for growing a baby . . . at last.

On the other hand, I have found myself in great need of entertainment. This has resulted in my watching more TV than should a Latter Day Saint of my Generation. It's time to seek out other worthy endeavors which require nothing of me. That last part is very important, for if I have to put forth any effort whatsoever it is no longer entertainment, it is work, or even worse, service.

I mean nothing is wrong with service . . . but sometimes that is the last thing you feel like doing.

Speaking of service, if anyone out there (hello? hello?) feels like doing c jane (now writing in the third personage) a favor you can please post your most favorite post FROM YOUR OWN BLOG in my comments section. Therefore, when I am (now back to first person) in most need of an occupation for my meandering maternal sickness I am just one click away from reading a favored post. But please note: if it is a long and winded post you send me, chances are my GADD (Gestational Attention Deficit Disorder) will kick in and it will be impossible for me to finish.

And this is for Jill: it better be funny.

And this is for everyone else: Thank you.