Whatever Keeps Me Happy

Thanks to my Norwegian heritage some of us in my family have a seasonal light disorder. When there is a shift in sunlight patterns, we have a decreasing desire to get out of bed in the morning. It doesn't help that my feet are perpetually frozen, and when the temperature drops I don't have feeling in them again until June. It's nothing serious, just a mild apathy for schedules. As soon as the light gets adjusted, so will I. Until then, I play a little game where I give myself really fantastic reasons to arise.

(Ok, really fantastic may be an exaggeration, but that IS what you do when you have SLD.)

Here are some of my get-out-of-bed rewards:

  • A homeslice of homemade Amish Friendship Bread
  • A sun bath
  • A trip to Lucy's farm for tomatoes and apples
  • Tetris (don't judge)
  • A trip to TJ Max for new decorative pillows
  • A very important business lunch with Bobby
  • A call to The Councilwoman
  • A new haircut
  • The opportunity I have as a stay-at-home-woman to NOT watch The View or Good Things Utah because . . . don't get me started.
  • Sometimes leftovers from last night's dinner (don't judge x2)
  • (If it's real bad) Perez Hilton

Last night Chup and I went to my happy place (Target) where we purchased 3 over-the-Knee socks for me from Exhilaration. It's a funny thing about that brand, if I think it, they design it. I am not kidding about that. When you have a seasonal light disorder you do NOT kid.

In the meantime, my feet all the way up past my knees are warmy warmy, so now I can go back to bed.

(I am kidding about going back to bed.)

(But I am NOT kidding about buying some metallic shoes.)

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