Twin Falls County Fair Cell Phone Series by Chup: Part One

So the family decided to head to the Twin Falls County Fair whilst I was in the throes of the BYU vee Arizona game.
So the choice for me was: go to the fair or the game.
Wait, did I say there was a choice?
Forgive me.

Chup went without me because he is not fully invested and having forgotten his Nikon D-70 he shot with his cellular apparatus device.
I was really surprised how Chup can make life through a cell phone lens look like National Geographic Fantastic.

Here is his first series entitled : Party Pups, Not Anything Phallic

(That is his gorgeous sister Muffin in the third shot by-the-way. I mention that just in case you think Chup got all swingy on me at the County Fair while I was home listening to Greg Wrubell.)

Stay tuned for more . . .

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