Feeling Toothless, Fancy Free and RAD

Maybe you have noticed but I am a little slow with e-mail these days. That is because I think I have Gestational ADD making it hard for me to concentrate on anything other than not puking.

Won't it be nice around here when I can write about something other than the p-word? And not to brag but I haven't actually puked yet. I am doing hypno-heaving. It is this exercise where I hypnotize myself through breathing and quick meditation, so instead of nausea I experience white sands in Tahiti. So much better than the violent action of regurgitation, which is what almost happened when I saw Micheal throw-up fettuccine alfredo crossing the finish line on
The Office tonight. Oh no. I am heaving about it as I type. (Please Excuse: Off to Tahiti boys!)

For the record, I haven't typed the word nausea correct once. Mozilla Firefox on-line spell checker fixes it for me every time. Anther word that it corrected for me? Fettuccine.

So anyway, every once in awhile I do this thing called
RAD which is my neighbor Emily's (I love to say that) term for Reader Appreciation Day. How it works, see, is that I respond to everyone's comment to show that I appreciate every single ding dong dang comment that I receive (except rude ones or ones that are pornographic in any nature, or rude and pornographic comments. Perverts.) But it is true, most of the time the comments I get--from you folks--are far more clever than my post. Sometimes so clever that my feelings get hurt. Just a little.

And did I tell you that Chup had to have emergency oral surgery today wherein his tooth was extracted? Chup has one less tooth tonight as well as a very firm prescription for Lortab! He was so brave today that I let him have two Lortabs and bought him Halo 3. Right now he is in front of the TV, with the controller in his hand, eyes all glazed, gauzed mouth, ab-so-lute-ly drooling (foaming?) I will tell you what, it is the cutest thing ever!

Wait. What was I talking about?

Dang GADD.




Oh yes, RAD. I'd love to respond up until Friday at midnight MST.
And before you ask about my banner because you are a little sick of seeing me in my patriot get-up, please know that I am working with an acclaimed designer who has a deadline of October First in this fine Seventh year of Century Two-Thousand (reminding, reminding.) Also note that your disturbance might be because you, mine fine sir, have problems with your patriotism and you should see a shrink. Whatever a shrink is, I don't really know.

Also scroll down for fairy cakes!

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