Baroness (for two)

Last night I returned from a delicious trip to Pasadena with my family. We ate, shopped and celebrated BYU football at the Rose Bowl. I also picked up this Baroness dress at H&M. It's the perfect autumnal color! I will be wearing a tank with it--just in case you are shocked. I suppose though, I should start from the beginning, with my news.

I have been overwhelmed with the gifts, e-mails and comments I have received. It has been an emotional time for me. I keep feeling like I am in some surreal dream.

I actually posted the news the day I found out via the Clear Blue Pregnancy test. I found out in the morning and spent the day surprising my family. Chup first, of course. He is excited and often texts me during the day with admonishings that end with (for two.) For instance, Drive Safe! (for two.) I haven't thought of this yet, but what if it is (for three)?

I have always supposed that I would be the type that would wait a couple months to share any baby news. However, I felt so strongly that this was a global collective effort. I could constantly feel prayers, wishes and positive affirmations from family, friends to good people I have never met. This is everyone's miracle and I felt it would be selfish to keep it secret. Besides, how else do I show gratitude for the support?

In five long years of trying I was told in dreams that I would conceive in the Lord's time. He kept his promise. He always does. That is my message to share!

I am looking forward to May. . . and wearing my new Baroness dress.

And I am craving metallic shoes.

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