Angel, Food and Cake

Chup is so cute. He is always leaving me notes in places where I will find them. The notes usually appear in these three regularly visited places: the bathroom mirror, next to my computer, and in my car. Yesterday was a first though, the lovey note was taped to the TV.

Cause he knew that's right where I'd find it.

That is right, I've never watched so much telemundo in my life. I've seen Reba sing "Because of You" three different times, on three different shows WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

And I have to laugh at Mirjam's comment:

Mirjam (Miryam) said...

With every pregnancy, I would sit around hooked up to an IV, throw up every ten minutes and watch the food network. Then Ethan would come home, ask me what he could make me for dinner and my mind would be filled with images of gourmet meals that would even be okay when they come back up... Pathetic, I know, but I now strongly believe, the sicker you are the more gorgeous the child.

Just that day I got acquainted with the Barefoot Contessa and her Chocolate Angel Food Cake, only to be upset when Chup didn't feel like whipping it up for me.

How very not Marie Antionette-ish.

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