We Used to Be Friends

Well, Topher and I have known you for a long, long time now. Ever since we heard your booming Shakespearean voice on the BYU stage we became fast friends. We found ourselves filtering many romantic requests from eager starlets, and convincing you to shave your head before you were ready, but you've graciously forgiven us for all of that. Perhaps that forgiveness has something to do with a certain New Year's Eve Party we hosted that changed your life? Ever since that day, we've had to give you up as OUR friend, and accept you as our brother-in-law, but it has been worth it. You bring such a nice balance to the Clark family, as well as beautiful pictures. Thanks for always being so nice to our kids. The all adore you. It's nice for them to have someone to talk about DS and legos with. Have a great birthday!

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