Sunshine Face

The sunflowers finally bloomed in the backyard this weekend.

The package said "giant" sunflowers would result in the plump seeds planted last spring. I think myself somewhat an expert on giants--seeing how I am practically married to one--and honey, these are not "giant" sunflowers, they are more like "sufficient" just slightly larger than the ones growing on the side of the road down by the lake.

What was I hoping for? Sunflowers bigger than my face.

Maybe I was hoping for too much because my face really is quite vast, but I've accepted that and sorta moved on. I don't really need anybody saying "Your face isn't that big." Because what are they comparing it to? All I know is this: I can't stand next to Page in any picture, because her petite face brings out the vastness in mine. And that is all I know.

Except this: yesterday a lady told me that my hair color "brought out the freckles on my face" and that was a first.

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