A "Portrait" of a "Blogger"

When my plea went out for "the perfect yellow dress" last month Erica answered my call with a link to some "fine vintage dresses." And because her blog address was located on the bottom of her e-mail I started to "subscribe." Here is what I "enjoy"about Erica's blogging:
  1. Being an adult makes her tired
  2. Her insterests include "ugly wedding announcements"
  3. She has great ideas
Like this:
At a recent birthday celebration, Erica had all the guests "paint" a "portraiture" of the honored birthday girl using real paint, and as far as I can tell, real canvas. This shows that Erica isn't afraid to "splurge" for a party (admirable.)

I love how they turned out.
I especially like the "cat one."
This doesn't doesn't surprise me because . . .

. . . the "cat one" is Erica's.

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