Mama and Pops

On August 26, 1971 at 11:57 AM Christopher Erin Kendrick was born. As his Mom and Dad we have the right and privilege to say that we have known you longer than anyone else.From the very moment we set our eyes on you our life was changed in ways that we still have a hard time expressing. You have always had such a good heart. You as such an amazingly kind, compassionate, and loving person. We want you to know how proud of you we are. We thought we could post some photos from your past. Hopefully they will bring back as many great memories for you as they did us.

If this makes it to cjane's blog…….Chup (or Christopher) as we like to call him, loves to do many things:

Ride…….Climb…….Ride faster………Strap his feet or body onto something and be pulled across water……..Go really fast……Strap his feet onto some sort of board, and slide down any hard surface such as snow or cement……..and of course go extremely fast and see how close to the limit he could push it…….repeat over and over again.

He loves motorcycles; (dirt bike or road bike) doesn't seem to matter….. Snowmobiles, jeeps, airplanes, and cars. It's amazing the things that he has done on water skis, knee boards, wake boards, long boards, skateboards, and snowboards. He has a very natural ability in all things that fly or go fast on the ground. As a side note, his father trained for over 50 hours to obtain an instrument flying license. Chris’s dad wanted to show Chris just how hard flying an airplane was with a training hood taking away any outside reference could be while flying one day. His father strapped the hood on Chris while flying in the family Bonanza, and handed over complete control of the airplane to Chris. Ernie was ready to take back control immediately because this was almost impossible to do without proper “training”. To Ernie’s sheer amazement, Chris kept the airplane perfectly straight and level using only reference to the gauges in the cockpit without any outside reference what so ever. In Ernie’s first hours of training with the dreaded training hood on, it was all he would do to keep the airplane from falling out of the ski upside down. Ernie’s instructor constantly had to retake control and Chris’s father had to start all over again. Chris on the other hand flew for more than twenty minutes that day with no problem at all. His father was pretty impressed.

We've had some great times……Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

We Love you,

Mom & Dad

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