Thursday, August 16, 2007

Honestly, I Don't Know How They Do It

The truth is that I've been working this week as a temp secretary for my brothers. This is leading to a severe lack of story telling on my blog. Besides, Chup tells me to only post stories that are enjoyable. I write this blog mainly for him and so if he wants me to be matchy (enjoyable stories for "Enjoy It") then I do as I am commanded. We have that kind of relationship. I am so submissive IRL.

I guess IRL life means "in real life." Lol. Lol in IRL. Do you copy?

As a personal choice, I do not work for a boss that I am not married to. Having a "job" isn't my corner of fun but I appreciate my friends who have "real" careers and know how to negotiate wages. When I was working as a GT teacher I quit twice. Both times I was lured back. Chup never really likes it when I quit, but when I do, we eat more. So that is good right?

I also realize that for some women working isn't really a choice because they happen to like being able to buy diapers for their baby. As you may know, I don't have a baby and therefore have no need to buy diapers which is another car on my train of logic about why I don't work.

But it's not like I need to convince anyone about why I chose to grace the workforce with my absence right?

Well, anyway, yesterday Jesse (my brother) and I had the very intense mission to do the payroll. Sheri the normal secretary does payroll. Do you know how nerve-wracking it is to figure out someone's paycheck? Jesse was sweating and I said repeated prayers---interspersed with swear words--as we went "over the numbers." By-the-way does swearing cancel out prayers???


This week as I've come home from working, I battle an uncontrollable urge to eat. It's like I have to make-up for all the hours that I sat desk while answering phones. I am not even hungry, as Jesse has fed me a burrito every day. I'm just emotionally hungry (can you tell I've read every diet book known to personkind?) After I eat seven pounds of bread, I like to just sit in front of the TV and stare for hours. Last night Chup checked my vitals twice.

Working is really, really bad on my health.

Not lol.