Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get Them While They Are Hot!

Azucar has this deal going on in her kitchen. If you go to Girls Camp (which is now being properly called Young Women's Camp), stay the whole time, make it home with minor complaining, and contribute chips and salsa, she will serve you up some fresh (FRESH!) fish tacos.

On the side: cilantro, mango, cabbage, cream sauce and lime.

For dessert: You get to cuddle Proximo (who looks like a handsome version of my niece Jane when she was a wee one.) Nevermind that look on my face. Maybe I did have one too many tacos. But how can you help the snarf?

Test: Azucar and I have on the same __________ . (I am one of those people who gets a kick--a literal "kick"--out of wearing the same thing as someone else purely by coincidence. And it's not the first time it has happened on my blog. Isn't so fascinating? How do two people make the same choices at the same time? Serendipity? Fate? The Secret?)

By-the-way our ________ are both from Darlybird.

And the fish tacos? They are from heaven.