From the Fake Wife

Oh, Mister Chup - where to even begin? I don't remember exactly when I began falling in love with you - I think it was when you were my fake husband and we were attending a fake Brigham City sacrament meeting with our fake children about a hundred years ago - but I know that my undying adoration was forever set in stone when I read on this very blog that you can do the splits.

Your oh-so-special The Prophet audition stands out as a never to be forgotten moment in my life as do about a dozen lunches, funny phone calls and other nutty bites in our box of friendship chocolates. You are one of the honestly good men of the world and my life is forever richer, yummier, handsomer, funnier, more talented, and most definitely better because of you. And now that I am equally in love with your wife, well there is just no telling where things will lead... No doubt it will be someplace curried, chocolate filled, silver screened, hysterical and most definitely bloggable! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you very, very much.


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